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Happy Heart the Clown
Children's Educational Shows

  • Happy Heart and her magic Show
    Happy Heart comes and performs silly magic. Happy does lots of Audience participation and singing. This is great show all around.
  • Happy Heart comes as a person and turns into a clown before your eyes
    This is a clown makeup Demonstration and we talk about different kind of clowns and the thing that clowns do.
  • Circus party
    Happy brings her Parachute and turns it into the big top. Action games and fun.
  • Happy Heart Balloon Show
    Happy Heart entertains you with her silly balloon magic and plays guess what she is making. See some cool balloon being made before you eyes.
  • Indian Program
    Singing Heart tells the story of pilgrims and does magic tricks. She dresses as Indian for this show. It is really cool we have a camp fire.
  • Christmas show
    This show has Holiday magic.
  • Customized programs by request

Hands on Classes

  • Balloon Class
    For Children 7 and up, learn how to twist a dog and flying mousse and lots more. Its fun to watch there faces when they learn this new skill.
  • Clown Craft
    For preschoolers, Clown masks out of a paper plate. This is a fun way to play and pretend.
  • Clown makeup
    This is a workshop the kids learn how to put on the make up
    And a skit can be taught so they learn to can perform.

Balloons and face painting can be added to any program.

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